Loch Moy Farm Show - Sept. 21, 2019
Fix A Test Entries

This is what we have received from each competitor, P - payment, C - coggins, W - waiver
Upload here if you are missing items:

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Ride Number Time Name Arena Test Horse Bridle Number Paid
1 10:00:00 Kylie Carter SMALL Beginner Novice Test A Jinx

PD, W, C,
13 12:00:00 Leslie Faenza SMALL Beginner Novice Test A Mr. Personality

PD, C,
9 11:20:00 Vera Fontana SMALL USDF Intro Test B Maserati

PD, W, C,
7 11:00:00 Berkley Gardner SMALL Beginner Novice Test A Chillie

PD, C,
32 13:10:00 Ruth Morgan LARGE First Level Test 3 Big Mac Daddy

PD, W, C,
3 10:40:00 Ella Pino SMALL USDF Intro Test C Apache

PD, W, C,