Loch Moy Farm Fix a Test - Sept. 29, 2018
List of Registrants by RIDE TIME
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Ride Number
Bridle Number
409:30:00 AMLisa StanleyLARGEFirst Level Test 2
Bravo239PAID, C
510:00:00 AMCasey HiltonLARGEUSDF Training Level Test 3
Memorial Tribute97PAID
711:00:00 AMLouise FosterLARGEThird Level Test 3
Along Came a Spider74PAID, C, W
811:30:00 AMStephanie JenkinsLARGESecond Level Test 1
True Bellamy106PAID, W,
1012:30:00 PMBrittany SchrueferSMALLUSDF Intro Test C
Pineapple Express293PAID, C, W
111:00:00 PMMerrill WasserSMALLBeginner Novice Test A
Socks for Dobby260PAID, C
121:30:00 PMRebecca GrantSMALLNovice Test A
Frankly True86PAID, W
132:00:00 PMPATRICIA MORGAN SMALLUSDF Training Level Test 3
Big Mac Daddy 213PAID, C, W
142:30:00 PMCatie MeehanSMALLPreliminary Test A
Alhambra de la Galerna 104PAID, C, W